Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kind of Guitar/ Jenis-Jenis Gitar

Spanish Guitar

The classical or Spanish guitar is the most widely used kind of guitar. It consists of a hollow body with soundhole, and a neck with tuning machines/headstock. With classical guitars nylon-based strings are most commonly used. This makes this kind of guitar easy to use for both plucking and strumming. Classical guitars are used in classical and Latin music and in Flamenco (hence also "Spanish guitar") as well as in other popular types of music.
The Acoustic Guitar

Steel String Guitar

At first sight, the acoustic guitar is very similar to the classical guitar. Sometimes both kinds of guitar are being referred to as acoustic guitar, because they both produce sound without requiring amplifiers. As opposed to the classical guitar, the acoustic guitar uses steel strings. Its neck is smaller and in a lot of cases it has an electric sound system provided for. Typically a plectrum is used to play an acoustic guitar. This kind of guitar is often used in pop music as an accompanying instrument.
The Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar

The electric guitar is an electric instrument, meaning it can only be played with an amplifier. Compared to acoustic guitars, the electric guitar does not have a soundhole. Instead, it consists of a board-like body. The electric guitar uses steel strings, the vibration of which is received by pick-ups when played. The electric guitar is a typical rock instrument because it can create massive sounds when amplified.

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