Saturday, February 18, 2012

Soto Sapi Padang & Jumbo Tea, Kampung Uda (TUTUP)

I came here for dinner and meeting at the same time. Kampung Uda located in Jalan Raya Jatinangor beside Alfamart Bunga Mas. A friend of mine suggested this place because they have 2nd floor area meeting. We thought it was lesehan but it has been changed to chair and table area. Well it quite pretty cozy place with playstation and flat screen fasilities but no wifi, also you can see night view of Unpad front gate.

It was raining and cold so I thought I wanted something that could make me warm. Then I ordered Soto Ayam Padang and Hot Jumbo Tea.

Unfortunately something unpleasant happened, I ordered Soto Ayam but instead they served me Soto Sapi and I was let down by the food. A bowl of soup came along with kerupuk and white rice that was covered by omelette (!) in a plate. The soup tasted bland and light, so not neccesary anything so exciting to get me craving it again. But the point was this place comfortable for meeting, group studying or just doing your assignment. Maybe next time I'll try to order another menu.

Soto Sapi Padang= IDR 10k ($1)
Hot Jumbo Tea = IDR 3k ($0.3)

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